Aluminium Shutters

Outdoor living continues to gain in popularity with Australian home owners. Alfresco living rooms, indoor/outdoor kitchens, and protected patio and decking areas look great and offer a fantastic return on investment.

Plantation shutters invite year-round outdoor living. Open up your view completely by folding back bi-fold shutters. For when you experience “four seasons in one day” or simply want more privacy, close the shutters for a protected, discrete retreat, allowing home owners to claim living space beyond the existing walls, windows and doors of a house.

Aluminium shutters are durable and stylish

Aluminium is proven as an exterior building material and it can be powder coated to a variety of colours. It is used for shutters that need to withstand the weather:  enclosing balconies, privacy for outdoor areas such as spas and barbeques, to offer shading on the exterior of windows.

Aluminium shutters are not suitable for interior applications because they have the lowest insulation rating possible, they will simply transfer outside temperature to your home, so if it’s real hot outside so will be the Aluminium Shutters be and visa versa when its cold outside. On Average 70% of the temperature changes in your home comes through your windows, so if you put the wrong product there with NO INSULATION, your energy bill will be higher without a doubt.

Our aluminium shutters are made of durable material, making them long-lasting and resistant to any kind of breakage. They are perfect for all Australian outdoor seasons.

More advantages of using aluminium shutters

  • Feel free to express yourself or release the inner designer in you. Our Aluminium Louvre is available in any high tensile powder coat colour, including special custom blended shades of your choice.
  • Adjustable privacy, street light, sun glare & wind break.
  • Gives elegance and sophistication you want from your home.

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Our fast, efficient quoting system

Our 25 years in the business has shown us everything about this industry, even the things we desired to improve. That’s why we have introduced our efficient ‘Laser to Laptop’ quoting system. Here, our aim is to reduce the time and error involved in manual quoting. With this, The Shutter Guy makes the process faster and more exact, ensuring the shutters and blinds we order fit first time every time.

We are a very reasonably priced provider of shutters and blinds. We see to it that our shutters and other products are affordable without sacrificing the quality you deserve. Offering inexpensive but high-quality shutters are amongst our top objectives in ensuring delighted clients with long lasting blinds and shutters.

Where can we serve you?

The Shutter Guy offers quoting, delivery, and installation in the Hunter Valley region including Maitland, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Newcastle, and other locations in the region.

Alongside privacy, The Shutter Guy is concerned about your home design matching well with your shutters and blinds. Entrusting your aluminium shutters to us ensures that you’ll end up having not only the visual privacy you desire but also elegance that complements your home When we select and install shutters for your home it will be as if they were there from the start like part of the original home design.