Panel Glides

Get rid of those ancient outdated curtain and drapes you’ve felt like changing for the longest time. Trade in those plain old vertical blinds. Let vertical blinds and drapes become a thing of the past. Trade them in for chic new panel glides. Panel glide blinds are the perfect addition to any room for that sophisticated minimalist feel.

Why choose panel glides?

  • Quality materials – Panel glides are the best option for any home with sliding doors and wall-length windows. Made from flat fabric panels attached to an easy-to-operate wall fixture, the panels can easily glide to either side, or neatly stack on a wall.
  • Safe and sound – The fixture is controlled by a child safe wand for harmless easy access.
  • Easy to install – Panel glide blinds are fairly uncomplicated to install. Because the panels operate on a velcro system, it is easy to change the panel colours if you like a colour change from season to season.
  • Multiple styles to choose from – With a variety of colours and decorative fabrics to choose from, you can pick one that will best fit the character of your room.

Choose from panels that filter light. Let that beautiful morning sun bleed lightly into a room. Allow the charm of the afternoon sun take your breath away. Light filtering panels give rooms that sweet laid-back feel. If you prefer to have less light and more privacy, we offer panels that completely block out light.

Add panel glides to sliding glass door entrances

If you feel like changing your room into a more elegant space, yet keep the modest touch that blinds offer, panel glide blinds are the way to go. Easy to use, easy to install, chic yet functional, panel glide blinds are the perfect way to transform any beat up old room into one with contemporary style.

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Top quality panel glides

Here at The Shutter Guy, we offer advice and provide you a complementary pelmet that would best match your type of panels. The complementary pelmet should match the colour and pattern of the panels. Moreover, we make sure that the pelmet will match the room in general, including the placing and height of the windows, and the area of the room.

Panel glides from a local family owned business

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