Bi Pass Shutters

Out with the old and in with the new. If you are interested in a space saving, effortless way to cover your large glass windows and doors, then bi pass shutters are for you.

For a more modern take on the traditional shutters, we offer you the bi pass shutters. Like the bi fold shutters, these shutters also move along a track. But instead of folding out on each side, these shutters slide past each other to neatly stack on either side of the fixture.

The track on which the shutters move along is easy to install and relatively less invasive on floor space as compared to the bi fold shutters. This gives it a sleeker, more modern feel but still gives you the warm welcome that conventional shutters offer.

Why choose bi pass shutters?

Bi pass shutters are classy and will definitely add a little spirit to any room. With a tasteful yet modest design, they easily go well into any space and the colour can be selected to work well with the colour scheme of the room.

  • Wood shuttered panels look good on plain painted walls for a standout effect – adding a bit of texture to the room.
  • Shutter panels also look good on walls covered with wallpaper.
  • Bi pass shutters add a perfect touch of low key to balance out the room, giving any space a more modest vibe.
  • Bi pass shutters can look good on stone textured walls. The contrast will create a more aesthetically favourable, architecturally modern design.

The design possibilities are limitless! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and textures. The best thing about these shutters is that they stack neatly to the side, leaving you without the hassle of having to deal with panels that might get in the way of an entry/exit.

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Easy and convenient bi pass shutters installation

The fixtures can be easily installed on the doorway or on the floor. If you would prefer the tracks be incorporated into the floor, The Shutter Guy can arrange the installation with your builder.

The tracks work perfectly on wood floors, tiled floors, and even carpeted floors. It serves as great closet doors and patio doors. It’s also great for covering large glass windows, making rooms more inviting while providing the privacy you need.

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We offer our services for bi pass shutters in Newcastle, Maitland, Singleton, Cessnock, and Hunter Valley and nearby regions. Give us a call today and let’s discuss the many options you have to beautify your home!