Roller Blinds

Roller blinds, also known as Holland blinds, became extremely popular in the 70s. These were the years when designers put more attention to aesthetics than function. Indeed, this is the decade when interior design veered towards flamboyance, vibrancy, and everything experimental.

During the 1970s, technology was not as intricate as it is now. Thus, curtains, blinds, and shutters then were simple and required no technicalities to operate.

Today, roller blinds are utilised by decorators to inject simplicity to home design. Having a roller blind installation done over your window indeed generates simplicity. Technology has allowed for a greater use of fabric textures and designs that add elegance to any window.

Advantages of The Shutter Guyโ€™s roller blinds

  • Though roller blinds are controlled through a simple mechanism, the kinds of rollers we use in our roller blinds are of highest quality. They are not easy to break and entangle when rolled down to shut or pulled up to open.
  • We offer an assortment of durable fabrics capable of providing room darkening and light filtering essential in every room design. This includes Dual Bracket Roller Blinds, Linked Roller Blinds, Side Channel & Cassette Systems, Motorisation and Standard Chain Drive Roller Blinds.
  • Our diverse product arsenal can provide you the blind colour of your choice. Just tell us your preferred colour and surely we can find it for you.
  • Our roller blinds can give your home interior/exterior you want. They are elegant and beautifully designed.
  • They are low maintenance. All fabrics are made of high-quality, anti-dirt, and water-resistant fabrics. All rollers are also rust-free, making them smooth to operate.
  • Durable, long lasting, and not easily breakable. From the rollers to tussle to the fabric, even the remote control for our motorised blinds is of high quality, world-class brands.
  • High protection from all kinds of damage including rain, dirt, or wind.
  • Provides ultimate privacy you deserve to get. Shutting our roller blinds would guarantee to conceal you from outside your window, or vice-versa.

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The Shutter Guy is installing roller blinds in the Hunter Valley region, including Newcastle Maitland, Cessnock, and Lake Macquarie, & Lower Hunter area. We also give out free quote through our efficient Laser to Laptop system.

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