Venetian Blinds

The traditional and the classic will never go out of trend. It is simple, classy, sophisticated, and elegant. Just like venetian blinds. But this does not mean that you won’t go wrong with venetian blinds. You must partner with the best blinds provider for you to get the perfect one for your home.

Why choose venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are the first things that come to mind when one aims to replace curtains as window shades. However, many commit mistakes when choosing this type of blinds. Some just go straight to the nearest local hardware and get the cheapest one or buy cheap blinds online. The greatest detriment here is that it deprives the buyers from getting the quality they ought to have.

The Shutter Guy knows everything about blinds – from the products, to the proper quoting, to the delivery and installation process. We see to it that we prioritise our clients’ tastes in every transaction we embark on. We will guide you in knowing everything they need to know about blinds and shutters, even to home design.

Best qualities of venetian blinds from The Shutter Guy

  • Available in multiple colours. Our Venetian blinds can be purchased in different colours capable of matching your existing home design, whether it is wood or tile. You are free to order the exact colour and texture of your preference.
  • Made of durable and high quality material. We only sell Venetian blinds of high-quality, durable polymers, capable of protecting your room from harsh heat and cold.
  • Able to controls the amount of light coming in through your window. This is crucial in saving energy. Having a full control over the lighting of your house saves you from regularly switching bulbs or relying heavily on AC or heater.
  • Gives your house a traditional but classy look. Venetian blinds are staple design elements used by decorators to achieve simplicity and elegance.
  • Low-maintenance. Dirt or water can be eradicated by quick wiping. Even vacuums are capable of sucking dirt on the slats’ surface, as the plastic used in these blinds are designed to be dirt-free.

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Trusted suppliers of blinds and shutters

We pride ourselves as amongst the top blinds and shutter providers in this part of Australia, making us the first choice when it comes to home improvement needs. We also provide awning and screen solutions, all come at an affordable price. Call or email us today and let’s talk about how we can work on your next home project.

We install venetian blinds in the Hunter Valley

For over 25 years, our Venetian blinds have reached hundreds of homes in Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock, and Newcastle.