Thermopoly Shutters

Thermopoly shutters combine technology innovation and traditional artistry.

What is thermopoly?

Thermopoly or PVC is the main material used for this type of shutter. It is tough as well as visually appealing as it has the graceful and elegant look of wooden shutters. Its durability is also the sought-after quality of thermopoly shutters.

Known as the most durable shutters, thermopoly shutters have reinforced aluminium inserts through the centre of thermopoly blades and stiles. This makes them resistant to elements and bending due to fluctuating temperatures.

Thermopoly shutters are guaranteed not to warp, chip, crack or split. They have been engineered with superior properties for an advanced thermopoly shutter performance.

Why choose thermopoly shutters?

Here at The Shutter Guy, you can have it all with thermopoly shutters – strength and durability, affordability, high quality and elegance! Thermopoly shutters have the following superior properties that make them stand out among all other shutters:

  • Wood-like appeal that is durable
  • Ideal for wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms and also for dry areas
  • Thermopoly is fire-retardant and a non-combustible material
  • Moisture and humidity resistant; as well as UV rays and termite resistant
  • Strong bold paint colours available
  • All thermopoly blades are reinforced with aluminium inserts for durability
  • Thermopoly aerofoil blades look great

Thermopoly shutters are available in a variety applications such as:

  • Double hinged Bi-fold – sometimes called accordion, bi-fold thermopoly shutters hinged two panels together on the left and same on the right. This kind of application is collapsible where the opening is in the centre.
  • Bifolding – Bifolding with track top & bottom and pelmet, is ideal where you would like to have the whole glass area exposed, folding to one side or as a room divider
  • Slidingsliding thermopoly shutters are ideal for sliding doors and windows.
  • Hingedhinged thermopoly shutters are for easy and full window access. It is the most popular application of all shutters.
  • Specialty shapes – for specialty windows with a variety of shapes like archways or sunbursts.

With thermopoly shutters, it will be easy to customise them according to your specifications.

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Thermopoly shutters made to order

The Shutter Guy gives you the ability to choose from our various thermopoly shutter installation methods as well as custom made designs for each individual window.

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